ENAIRE allocates 1.8 million euros to the CRAMI system, used to transmit data for air traffic control


ENAIRE, the company of the Fomento Group that manages air navigation in Spain, will allocate 1,794,719 euros over the next three years to the maintenance, technical support and modernisation of the CRAMI Centralised System.

ENAIRE technically and operationally manages the Centralised Electronic Aviation Messaging System (CRAMI), the sole input/output point for aeronautical information. Among other features, it allows end users to exchange flight plans, distress messages, emergency messages, those involving flight safety and regularity, as well as meteorological, aeronautical, air and service information.

On an international level, due to ENAIRE’s responsibility to act as an international gateway with other aeronautical regions, the Centralised Electronic Aviation Messaging System is used to exchange all information flows between the EUR Region (Europe) and the aeronautical regions of America and Africa. It also exchanges aeronautical messages generated by European applications such as EUROCONTROL NM, EAD and Euronotam. 

Technological improvements were recently introduced into the Electronic Aeronautical Messaging System, providing it with new functionalities that offer higher service quality and capacity and greater data management efficiency. The new CRAMI also enhances coordination and provides for more timely communications and monitoring of the status of all ENAIRE facilities, a task that is carried out by the SYSRED Centralised Systems unit, located in a building adjoining the Madrid Control Centre.

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