ENAIRE reinforces its Green Sky Environmental Sustainability Plan in 2024 and 2025 to further contribute to sustainable aviation in Spain


ENAIRE‘s CEO, Enrique Maurer, presented to the company’s Governing Board the new scope of the Green Sky programme, the Environmental Sustainability Plan that is part of the Company’s Strategic Plan, the 2025 Flight Plan, and which has been renewed with even more ambitious measures for 2024 and 2025, with a greater commitment to contribute to more sustainable aviation in Spain. 


Enrique Maurer explained to ENAIRE’s Governing Board the five main themes of the Green Sky strategic initiative, which seek to account for the sector’s total impact on the environment:

  • Reduce atmospheric emissions (in parallel with reduced fuel consumption).
  • Attenuate noise levels and reduce their effect on biodiversity in and around airports.
  • Promote energy efficiency in ENAIRE’s control centres and facilities.
  • Improve environmental management, primarily through process optimisation, promoting environmental transparency as per international standards and enhancing environmental certifications.
  • Reduce and monitor the environmental impact of projects through DNSH (do no significant harm) analyses and biodiversity studies.

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