Control center for unmanned aerial vehicles is to be established at Heydar Aliyev İnternational Airport


Azerbaijan’s national air carrier and Chinese high-tech company Ehang Intelligent Equipment signed an agreement on  establishment of a single center under “Azeraeronavigation” for controlling the unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) at Heydar Aliyev International Airport.

The agreement was signed on October, 9th by the President AZAL, Mr. Jahangir Asgarov and the President of Ehang Intelligent Equipment, Mr.  Huazhi Hu, in Baku.

“The active growth in the use of unmanned aerial vehicles is one of the world’s most notable trends. The wide range of drones application plays an important role in today’s world. In this regard, the provision of safety during UAVs operations is a priority for civil aviation”, Jahangir Asgarov noted.

The Center’s task is to protect against unauthorized use of drones at the territory of the airport, as there is a great danger that drones can fly at relatively low altitudes and even in the immediate vicinity of the runway.

For the first time the new center will be integrated with the Azerbaijan Air Traffic Control System to prevent UAV collisions with civil aircraft.

The center includes 3D mapping and terrain scanning functions, which are important for the airfields design and the development of air navigation maps.

If necessary, the web application of the command center will include the information about the registration of the UAVs and its pilots, certification documents and flight permissions

Ehang also took the initiative to train new specialists at the National Academy of Aviation of Azerbaijan and equip the technical base of the UAV management simulator complex, involving students from foreign countries in the future.

Ehang Intelligent Equipment is a leading company in the development of platforms for unmanned aerial vehicles. It provides customers from various industries with drones and commercial solutions.

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