CANSO urges European States to back rescue package for ANSPs


Amsterdam, 7 April 2020: CANSO – the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation which represents the air traffic management industry â€“ is urging European States to back a rescue package for air navigation service providers (ANSPs).

With European traffic down 90% as a result of COVID-19 and no end in sight, the aviation industry is facing a significant cash flow crisis. Today, EUROCONTOL Member States agreed a financial package that will enable airlines to defer payment of up to €1.1 billion of air traffic control fees due for payment to Europe’s ANSPs.

CANSO Director General, Simon Hocquard said: “We absolutely recognise the pain that the airlines are going through and welcome the clarity the first EUROCONTROL proposal provides to our Members. However, our message has always been clear – this is an industry-wide problem that requires an industry-wide solution. Air traffic management is a critical national infrastructure and it is imperative that we are funded adequately, both now and crucially in the future when the traffic inevitably picks up again.

“Whilst the first proposal helps our airline customers, there’s no doubt that the deferral of ATC charges presents a significant financial challenge for ANSPs. And so, behind the scenes, we have been working around-the-clock with our Members and with EUROCONTROL to come up with a solution that will enable ANSPs to bridge at least part of the gap in funding. The second proposal contains a concept for ANSPs to receive a much-needed revenue stream when the airlines defer ATC charges.

“We have a significant majority support amongst our members and so we are urging Member states to back this rescue package for ANSPs,” Simon Hocquard added.

Together the two proposals will fix the airlines’ cash flow crisis, and provide a solution to the significant loss of revenue for ANSPs.