CANSO plays key role in development of GAPPRI


The Flight Safety Foundation has published its Global Action Plan for the Prevention of Runway Incursions (GAPPRI), with CANSO’s Safety Programme playing a key role in its development.

The GAPPRI is, in the words of the Flight Safety Foundation: “intended to serve as a roadmap for addressing risk and instilling resilience, enabling government and industry not only to cope with increases in traffic but also to be proactive in anticipating and addressing problems.”

The plan was developed by a wide range of organisations including airports, aircraft operators, regulators, and air traffic managers. The latter’s input was coordinated by Think Research Limited’s James Lewis, in his role as lead on the airports’ sub group of the CANSO Safety Programme’s Next Generation Safety Management System’s (SMS) workgroup.

“As part of CANSO’s role as being the voice of the air traffic management industry, I was keen to make sure that our contribution to the plan represented the views of ANSPs around the world, and not just the voices of Europe or North America.

“It was important that ANSPs in Asia Pacific and Africa were heard too, as runways incursions can happen anywhere. I was pleased, therefore, to work closely with the likes of Aerothai, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), and South Africa’s ATNS to facilitate their important input into the plan.”

Bill Middleswart, CANSO Safety Programme Manager, added: “The work of James and his team, and the wider Next Generation SMS workgroup, demonstrates clearly the impact that our workgroups and programmes can have. With over 80 organisations and 200 people involved in the production of this plan, it’s not hard to imagine how the input of CANSO’s global Membership could have been lost. Thanks to the airports’ sub-group’s work though, that wasn’t the case, and the GAPPRI can now start to seriously improve runway safety around the world.”

Read more about the GAPPRI and download the plan here.

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