CANSO launches Future Skies: Tomorrow’s Voices for young ATM graduates and professionals


CANSO, in partnership with the SESAR Engage 2 Network and Firstfruits Services, is launching an opportunity for young graduates and professionals aged 20 to 28 to dive into the heart of the air traffic management industry, engage with decision makers, and gain insights that will help them develop successful careers.

This exciting initiative, known as ‘Future Skies: Tomorrow’s Voices’, will take place at Airspace World, the world’s largest and most influential airspace and near-space management event on Thursday 21 March 2024. 

The ‘Future Skies: Tomorrow’s Voices’ gathering, will offer young ATM professionals who register to attend Airspace World a number of career-enhancing activities including:

  • A number of engaging sessions designed to provide valuable insights and encourage discussions between seasoned leaders and the young participants. Among the highlights are opportunities to hear young people’s voices on their hopes and expectations for their careers, and discussions on future ATM technology, the aviation workforce, and skills. These sessions aim to offer valuable knowledge and promote inspiring conversations.
  • An exclusive opportunity for young professionals to interact with industry CEOs and senior leaders at a Chief Executives’ and Young Professionals’ Breakfast to share ideas and build their professional networks.
  • An interactive Careers Fair which aims to connect aspiring young professionals with leading companies in the aviation industry. It provides a platform for companies to present their organisations, offer job-seeking tips, and to engage with potential future employees.

To encourage young graduates to participate, 30 registrants[1] will receive a voucher worth 100 Euros to assist with their travel expenses, sponsored by the Engage 2 network and Firstfruits Services. Participants will be selected based on their contribution to a survey that will be conducted in January 2024 through a draw.

Eduardo Garcia, Senior Manager Future Skies, CANSO, said: “This is a wonderful opportunity for young talent to gain exposure, make connections, and be inspired by the aviation industry’s leading minds.

“For companies enrolling their young professionals in this event, this is a fantastic way to invest in the future of their workforce. By participating in the activities of the ‘Future Skies: Tomorrow’s Voices’, participants will have the chance to broaden their horizons, expand their knowledge, and establish valuable connections that will benefit both the individual and the company. I would encourage anyone who is attending Airspace World to think about who, in their organisation, would benefit from being part of this community and tell them about this initiative.

“The aviation and air traffic management industries are dynamic, ever-evolving fields, and the ‘Future Skies: Tomorrow’s Voices’ initiative offers young professionals, students and graduates a unique opportunity to be a part of this exciting journey. It’s not just a day to learn and network, it’s a day to shape the aviation leaders of tomorrow.

“Register now and be part of this incredible experience – the future skies are yours to explore!”

Companies or organisations who would be interested in participating in this exciting initiative can get in touch directly with or

[1]  Participants will be selected based on their contribution to a survey that will be conducted in January 2024.