Airspace World launches full 2024 theatre agenda


The full agenda of Airspace World’s theatre content has now been made available to attendees. Following unprecedented demand for speaking slots at the world’s largest ATM event, Airspace World organisers have added a fifth theatre to this year’s event.

The five theatres are:

  • The Indra Theatre
  • The Frequentis Theatre
  • The Boeing Theatre
  • The Wing Theatre
  • The Future Skies Theatre

Across the three days of Airspace World some 239 speakers from around the world will deliver 135 different debates, discussions and demonstrations (including 19 high-level panel discussions) for attendees to take part in. The subjects covered include sustainability, advanced air mobility, unleashing the potential of drones, and innovation and digitalisation. Future technology will be discussed at various sessions too, as will the impact of AI.

As a taster of some of the sessions, highlights include:

19 March

Frequentis Theatre: Building an Aviation Strategic Plan for Service Excellence

Industry leaders, representatives from airlines, airports, and Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs), will come together to explore the collaborative development of an Aviation Strategic Plan aimed at achieving digitalisation, service excellence and cost efficiency.

Seamless Cross-Border ATM Operations

Join aviation and regulatory leaders to investigate the complex world of international regulatory harmonisation and agreements aimed at achieving seamless cross-border Air Traffic Management (ATM) operations. Explore the critical role of collaboration among nations and organisations in streamlining cross-border airspace management.

AI and Autonomy in Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)

This session explores the convergence of AI, autonomy, and the enabling role of 5G and SATCOM in UTM/AAM. It will provide an overview of emerging UTM and AAM use cases, assess their compatibility with the 5G and SATCOM networks, and discuss the significant advantages, gaps, and challenges associated with deploying AI and autonomous systems in UTM/AAM operations.

20 March

Securing Our Skies: Addressing the Cybersecurity Challenge

In this thought-provoking panel discussion, cybersecurity experts and aviation leaders will address the critical issue of safeguarding our skies in the digital age and explore the evolving landscape of cybersecurity challenges that impact the safety and security of airspace.

Synergising Civil-Military Collaboration for Flexible Airspace Management

Explore how effective collaboration between civil and military aviation authorities is essential to ensure the widespread implementation of Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA) across all regions.

21 March

Future Aviation Workforce and new skills for a transformative future

Find out more about today’s workforce and how it should be shaped to adapt to technological transformations.

Commercial space launch & recovery operations – Airspace integration

Delve into the complexities of seamlessly integrating commercial space launch and recovery activities into existing airspace frameworks.

Agnes Krischik, Airspace World Show Director, said: “We were overwhelmed to receive so many applications to speak at this year’s Airspace World. It’s testament to how quickly the event has established itself as the biggest and most important air traffic management gathering in the world.

“We have some of the most important executives and leaders from the industry taking part in 20 high level panel discussions, as well as all the other exciting content that those wanting to plan their full Airspace World experience can look at now.

“And, on Thursday 21 March, as well as our regular theatre content, we’ll also have a focus on those coming into or establishing themselves in our industry, as part of our Tomorrow’s Voices: Future Skies initiative.”

You can see the full list of talks and discussion here, and meet the speakers here.

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