CANSO Global ATM Summit 2024 and 28th AGM promises the best of Baku


Registration for the CANSO Global Summit 2024 and 28th AGM is now open. Taking place on 10-13 June in Baku, Azerbaijan, the Summit will provide the usual high level of debate and discussion on the ATM industry, this year with a focus on sustainability and the environment, while the AGM gives CANSO Members the chance to have their say on how their organisation is run.

The Heydar Aliyev Centre will host the Gala Dinner on 12 June.

And alongside those two meetings, our hosts, AZANS, are planning a wide range of side events that truly capture the beauty of Azerbaijan.

These start on Monday 10 June when attendees are invited to a full day excursion to one of the country’s top vineyards, outside the city. There they will enjoy a wine tasting and tour of the vineyard, followed by lunch in the top Abgora Restaurant, which will be followed by a programme of entertainment.

The Summit’s Welcome Reception will be held on Tuesday 11 June in the middle of the old city of Baku. Following the reception, guests will also have the option of transferring to one of the old city’s traditional tea houses to take part in a tea ceremony rich in history and Azerbaijan culture.

A highlight of the week will be the Gala Dinner, on Wednesday 12 June, which will be held in the city’s iconic Heydar Aliyev Centre. Designed by world renowned architect Zaha Hadid, the centre is one of the main symbols of Baku and is famous for its flowing, curved style. Preceding the dinner, guests will enjoy a full concert, in the centre’s main concert hall, of traditional Azerbaijan classical music.

Spouses and partners of those attending the Summit and AGM won’t be left out either. A full day of activities are planned for them too, on Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13 June. They will be taken to the Nine Senses Arts Centre, an atmospheric resort on the shore of the Caspian Sea, where guests can “Unlock their inner artist”.

The highlight of their tour, however, will be the chance to release Sturgeon fish into the Caspian Sea, supporting the protection of this rare, caviar producing fish.

The Summit and AGM week culminates in one final, spectacular dinner on Thursday 13 June in the ballroom of the Mangal Steak house, one of Baku’s most famous and traditional steakhouses. And for those who want to continue later into the evening, further networking and socialising opportunities will continue at one of Baku’s top nightclubs.

Deborah Seymour, Director of Communications, CANSO, said: “I was fortunate to experience AZANS’ hospitality earlier this year at the CANSO/Euro Asia CEOs Summit, which was held in Baku. It is a beautiful city and this programme of social events planned by our hosts is one of the most generous and spectacular I have seen in a long time.

“Of course, I want the leaders from CANSO Members to attend for the quality of the debate and discussion we will have at the Summit, and to make the important decisions needed at our AGM, but AZANS are working hard to make sure that the opportunities to experience Azerbaijan and Baku in all its glory are there too.”

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