CANSO celebrates Teri Bristol’s contribution


CANSO Director General Simon Hocquard has recognised the significant contribution of Federal Aviation Administration’s Chief Operating Officer, Teri Bristol, following the announcement of her retirement.

In a note to CANSO members, Simon said that Teri had: “played an integral part in the development of CANSO since she first joined our Executive Committee as a member at large back in 2012.

“Since then, she has served as Chair of the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) Region, as a champion for developing operational and safety excellence within the ATM industry and as Chair of CANSO itself.”

Simon also pointed out Teri’s key role in developing the CADENA operational information system in the LAC region, and said that the impact of that work has included the delivery of vaccine priority flights to help fight COVID-19, and enhanced hurricane and natural disaster coordination.

Through Teri’s leadership as its COO, the FAA also fully supported CANSO’s mission to improve the safety and efficiency of global ATM, not only through the ExCom but also through continued standing committee and regional workgroup participation.

She was also a regular speaker and contributor to CANSO’s global as well as other regional Conferences and Executive Summits.

“Everybody listened attentively when Teri spoke,” Simon added, “because they knew what she had to say would be important.

“We should also never underestimate the contribution she made to, and for, women in our industry.”

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