CANSO announces short list for the inaugural CANSO Award of Excellence in ATM 2019


The Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO) has announced the short list for the inaugural CANSO Award of Excellence in ATM 2019, for success in air traffic management (ATM). Six nominations out of 27 submitted made the short list. The winner will be announced at the CANSO Global ATM Summit in Geneva on 18 June.

Jeff Poole, CANSO Director General, said: “CANSO received 27 high quality nominations from CANSO Members, so the Executive Committee awards jury had quite a challenge to shortlist and select the top six nominations. Those organisations shortlisted demonstrate how CANSO Members are using innovative new technologies and procedures to improve the safety, efficiency and harmonisation of airspace; and to accommodate the changing nature of airspace with growing traffic and the increase in airspace users such as drones.  All the shortlisted projects demonstrate the importance of partnership, with CANSO Members working together, not just within the ATM industry but with industry partners including airlines, airports and regulators.  Most importantly, all the projects are actually delivering measurable results; they are not just concepts or ideas.”

The CANSO Award of Excellence in ATM is a new award, open to CANSO Members. It is a single one to be given annually on a topical subject chosen by the CANSO Executive Committee. The 2019 award is for success stories in ATM, judged against five key criteria: maturity (in operation, not just a concept or plan); proven, quantifiable benefits; extent of innovation; significance and broad application in ATM globally, not just a local, specific solution; and the extent of collaboration and partnership.

The following six nominations were shortlisted by a jury of CANSO Executive Committee Members:

  • Aireon, NATS and NAV CANADA – deployment of space-based ADS-B in the North Atlantic Ocean
  • Altitude Angel and Frequentis – Operation Zenith, comprehensive demonstration of a UTM platform’s ability to unlock the full potential of drones
  • EANA and CADENA – implementation of air traffic flow management and collaborative decision-making in Latin America and Caribbean
  • DSNA and skyguide – flexible and dynamic cross-border air navigation services
  • NATS and NAV CANADA – implementation of electronic computer display system (ExCDS) into London Terminal Control
  • NAV CANADA – implementation of new ICAO separation standard – RNP-AR (EoR) – at Calgary International Airport

The six shortlisted nominees will present their success stories at the CANSO Global ATM Summit on 18 June in Geneva, which has the theme ‘Partnerships and successes in ATM – delivering our future skies today’. The winner of the CANSO Award of Excellence in ATM 2019 will be selected through voting by participants of the Summit.