CANSO and Metron Aviation announce new partnership to optimise air traffic operational recovery


Amsterdam, Netherlands — 27 May 2020: The Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO) and Metron Aviation announced an initiative to provide Metron’s commercial demand prediction tool – Horizon – complimentary to global air navigation service providers (ANSPs) until the end of October 2020. The enhanced information regarding traffic demand will be particularly helpful to ensure efficient management of traffic flows as travel restrictions are lifted and air traffic levels pick up again.

Horizon is a web-based application that provides demand predictions for arriving, departing and enroute aircraft based on scheduled, planned and actual data. The system combines flight plan and surveillance feeds to offer strategic, pre-tactical and tactical demand predictions for traffic flying through airspace. It will enhance ANSPs’ situational awareness and increase the predictability of airport and airspace usage.

“I’m delighted that Metron Aviation is making this tool available to our members at such a challenging time for our industry,” said CANSO Director General, Simon Hocquard. “This initiative will help improve ATM service delivery during the restart and recovery by increasing predictability at a time when we are likely to experience fluctuating traffic levels.”

“Access to accurate planning information in combination with increased predictability has never been more important. Metron Aviation is proud to partner with CANSO in these unprecedented times.” – said Chris Jordan, President Metron Aviation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on aviation, with air traffic in most regions of the world declining by more than 80 percent. There continues to be significant uncertainty regarding restart and recovery – when and with what conditions in place, are critical questions that are still to be determined. The restart of air traffic is likely to bring different traffic flows and aircraft mixture. Much will depend on how fast traffic resumption occurs, which is why prediction tools like Horizon are so important – enabling richer and more informed data on expected demand. This information will be critical to ensure that ANSPs are able to staff their centres at the right level to provide an efficient service to returning traffic.

The system can be implemented without requiring the installation of any additional equipment by ANSPs. As part of the initiative, Metron Aviation is also offering ANSPs complimentary online training and support.