Beginner’s Guide to Sustainable Aviation Fuel


ATAG has recently published the Beginner’s Guide to Sustainable Aviation Fuel. This publication kindly sponsored by Pratt & Whitney, Airbus and Boeing has been significantly updated since the 2017 edition. It provides a ‘beginner’s’ overview of what defines a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF); the different types of feedstocks and production pathways; testing; scale-up from initial trials to universal use; opportunities and challenges related to commercialisation; and SAF’s essential role in the decarbonisation of aviation.

This publication was first conceived when SAF was not known as a possibility in aviation. Now that we are on the verge of a wholesale energy transition for our sector, it is very useful timing to release this fourth update. We hope it will be a valuable tool for industry colleagues, governments and other stakeholders who need to know the basics of SAF.

Support from governments is vital for the aviation industry’s energy transition and will require strong collaboration, together with industry, multilateral financial institutions, research institutions and traditional energy producers. This is also mentioned in the guide, which incorporates a section on next steps including a five-step plan for governments.  

We encourage all our aviation industry colleagues to share and use the guide as widely as possible and especially during discussions with governments and stakeholders. Please feel free to print copies and share it at events and exhibitions as appropriate, include it on your website and also share this link via email and social media.