Azerbaijan, Aireon sign agreements in Baku


Azerbaijan, Aireon sign agreements to study use of Air Traffic Flow Management

Signaling a continued commitment to industry collaboration in the name of operational safety, Azeraeronavigation (AZANS), the air navigation service provider of the Azerbaijan Republic, signed a collaboration agreement with Aireon, the leading provider of aviation data products and services, to study the use of enhanced air traffic flow management technologies in the region.

Aireon, working in collaboration with AZANS and Metron Aviation, will provide its AireonFLOW ATFM data stream for integration into Metron Aviation’s Horizon System in Azerbaijan.

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Azerbaijan Expands Use of Aireon Data with Aireon Locate and Safety Dashboard.

Azeraeronavigation (AZANS), the air navigation service provider of the Azerbaijan Republic, is demonstrating a strong commitment to safe and efficient airspace operations, signing on for two Aireon data products – Aireon Locate search and rescue tool and Aireon Safety Dashboard.

AZANS, which selected Aireon in 2022 for its market-leading automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) data for air traffic surveillance, uses Aireon data to complement ground surveillance networks across the entire Baku Flight Information Region (FIR) in Azerbaijan. The airspace of the Azerbaijan Republic is 165,400 sq. km, 86,600 of which is over land and 78,800 sq. km is above the Caspian Sea. The length route network within the airspace of Azerbaijan Republic amounts to around 11,000 km.

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