ATM Awards 2022 shortlist announced


The results are in, the judges have worked hard to make their decisions and we’re happy to announce the shortlisted results. Of course, we know who the winners and runner-ups are too, but you’ll have to wait for the awards ceremony at Airspace World in Geneva at 17:30 on Wednesday 8 March at the CANSO stand. Mark your calendars so you don’t miss the announcement of the final results!

Before diving into the shortlist, a big thank you to our judges from Air Traffic Management magazine, CANSO, EUROCONTROL, NASA, Thales, Unmanned Airspace, Verizon and Wing. It was great to have such a wide cross section of judging perspectives across the ATM and UTM industries.

We had an overwhelming amount of entries, so the competition was really tough this year! The scope of entries crossed many regions of the world. From locations in the east – Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore; to the Middle East – Saudi Arabia and Qatar; the Americas – Canada, Brazil and the United States; Europe and the UK. The amount of countries participating in the latter crossed 24 different locations!

There were also an expanded amount of different topics and company types submitting awards this year. There were ANSPs, airlines, airports, consultants, research institutions, universities, industry consortiums and solution vendors. Topics crossed ATM, UTM and UAM from many different perspectives and we even had our first startup entry. We need more startups to join into these programs for our industry to grow with new forms of innovation.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit an entry, it’s unfortunate that more entries can’t be on the shortlist to receive a potential award. Best of luck to everyone who didn’t make the list for future entries and best of luck to the shortlisted entries to be named as a winner or runner-up!

Airspace management

With many new airspace entrants, the ability to manage different types of traffic at different altitudes is becoming increasingly complex. Shortlisted entries:

  1. AustroControl:  Austro Control/Frequentis development/deployment of Austrian UTM system
  2. Frequentis:  Avinor/Frequentis Datasharing for air ambulance and drone operators
  3. SANS -Saudi Arabia Air Navigation Services:  Dual Flip Business Continuity Area Control Centres managing Saudi airspace
  4. EUROCONTROL Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC):  Operational introduction of ATC B2 ADS-C in MUAC operations   


Recognises the importance of effective relationships and partnerships within/across disciplines and sectors to achieve a shared goal. Shortlisted entries:

  1. ENAV:  ENAVThinkingCup2022
  2. Cirium:  ATOMICUS
  3. Avinor, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace and Indra:  Digital Remote Towers
  4. US Air Force Flight Standards Agency:  Global Engagement Directorate
  5. ANS CR, AustroControl, BULATSA, Croatia Control, DFS, DSNA, ENAIRE, ENAV, EUROCONTROL, IAA, LFV, LPS, MATS, NATS, NAV Portugal, PANSA, ROMATSA & Skyguide:  ACDLS Governance (ATS Common Datalink Services)
  6. Aviation Studies Institute, Singapore University of Technology and Design:  Identifying the Benefits of Collaborative Actions in Regional ATFM Ground Delay Programmes
  7. DFS Aviation Services:  Successful implementation of a new air traffic management system in Bahrain in record time through excellent and exemplary cooperation between DFS Aviation Services GmbH and Indra Sistemas S.A.

Shaping our future skies

As an industry we tend to focus on today’s challenges and solutions. This category is for submissions from initiatives or organisations that are working on something that is a future ‘game changer’ for our industry. Shortlisted entries:

  1. DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung and EUROCONTROL Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC):  MAKAN Maastricht & Karlsruhe Networks – Harmonising air navigation services for the upper airspace in the heart of Europe
  2. Involi:  TrackSAT Drone Tracker
  3. Skypuzzler:  Automated Tactical Deconfliction of drones
  4. EUROCONTROL Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC):  ARGOS (ATC Real Ground-breaking Operational System)
  5. NATS:  Master Control Room for New Airspace Users


Recognises new ideas, technologies, and concepts that challenge current ATM/UTM/UAM norms with the potential to significantly advance performance, operations, or capabilities. Shortlisted entries:  

  1. Skyguide – Swiss Air Navigation Services, Ltd.:  CPDLC Cockpit
  2. ANRA Technologies, Inc.:  SORA-Mate
  3. DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung, Deutsche Lufthansa, Airbus:  World’s first satellite-based precision landings with increased glideslope under low visibility conditions
  4. Osprey:  Predictive Intelligence for Avoidable Disruption
  5. NATS, Nav Canada, Leidos, Think!:  Intelligent Approach – Transformative arrival spacing tool delivered by transatlantic collaboration during a global pandemic
  6. Indra/Micro Nav Ltd/HungaroControl:  Digital remote tower simulator
  7. CRIDA, Boeing Research & Technology, Fraunhofer, Indra, ISA Software, University of Piraeus:  TAPAS (Towards an Automated and exPlainable ATM System)
  8. Airways International, Ltd:  Flight Advisor – web-based mapping tool


Leaders, initiatives, and organisations working towards reducing aviation’s impact on the environment and making significant contributions to improving the environmental footprint of aviation through ATM programmes, technologies, processes and partnerships. Shortlisted entries:

  1. NAV CANADA:  Established RNP-AR
  2. NATS:  Operational Service Enhancement Project (OSEP)
  3. Avinor & Frequentis:  Continuous Descent Operations at Oslo airport, enabled by Point Merge and Arrival Management 
  4. ENAV Group:  The ENAV Group’s commitment to sustainability
  5. Skeyes:  Environmental modulation of terminal charging scheme
  6. Leidos:  FAA Terminal Flight Data Manager (TFDM)

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