Atech to highlight its complete portfolio of ATM solutions at World ATM Congress 2022


Atech, part of Embraer group, is a Brazilian Systems Engineering Company guided by innovation in the development of solutions and technologies to support decision making. It develops innovative solutions in the areas of air traffic management, command and control systems, cybersecurity, instrumentation and control systems, embedded systems and simulation.

At this year’s World ATM Congress Atech will display its various ATM solutions, including:

SAGITARIO ATC: a modern integrated ATC solution, which provides a set of operational tools to visualise air traffic conditions and to support decision-making processes. The system delivers an accurate situational awareness, based on advanced information processing from multiple types of sensors, flight plans and weather to provide a widespread visualisation, coordination and efficient decision-making tools.

SIGMA ATFM: SIGMA integrates all air traffic information, with FPL, RPL, flight schedules, meteorological and surveillance data. This enables the accurate projection of demand and provides reliable feedback on possible unbalances of any airspace capacity element, including the most advanced features for each flow management phase.

ATFM SKYFLOW: a comprehensive fully integrated ATFM solution, based on international  standards and recommendations, implemented by Atech for AAI in India. SKYFLOW enhances safety and efficiency in the skies, where airspace and airports demand and capacity are planned, achieving the perfect balance to make the aviation flow.

IFPS LEO: the Initial Flight Plan System LEO by Atech developed as a module attached to the ATFM solution that concentrates and process all flight plans over the Brazilian airspace. It works with the eFPL JANUS solution, a flight plan submission application for mobile devices, which eliminates errors and increases the security and agility on flight planning submission to the users.

eFPL JANUS: flight plan submission application via iOS and Android mobile devices, which can connect to the Makron IFPS-LEO or other flight plan reception system through a standard market interface. eFPL JANUS use eliminates the incidence of errors, ensuring more security on flight plan messages submission (FPL, CHG, DLA and others) and offering more agility to users.

OPMET AURA: an advanced operational meteorological data gathering and distribution service to all air navigation stakeholders. Supporting modern connection interface to large systems spectrum. AURA complies with the most up to date SWIM (System Wide Information Management) models, including IWXXM protocols.

ATC Simulation PLATAO: an ATC simulator for training and recycling skills and knowledge of air traffic controllers. Operating in either a local or remote mode, it enables simulated exercises to be created for a series of complex control operation scenarios, thus generating constructive results for air traffic controllers’ operational assessments as well as operational data for airspace validation.

R-AFIS COSMOS: the R-AFIS COSMOS is a system that enables aerodromes from remote locations to provide flight information services (AFIS) for general aviation in a secure and optimized way. AFIS | COSMOS can be operated remotely. The system provides weather information, flight plans and airspace surveillance through an integrated and intuitive graphical display.

SWIM AQUILA: developed to meet ICAO’s demands for harmonisation and interoperability among Air Traffic Management systems around the world, AQUILA enables real-time sharing of flight plan data, aeronautical information and weather among airspace navigation service providers and general aviation users around the world, through an international standard interface applied to the SWIM (System Wide Information Management) concept.

AMHS CYGNUS:  it is a high availability cluster solution aimed to receive, process, storage and exchange aeronautical messages. The system is able to process around 750,000 messages per day and up to 65,000 in a peak hour, for multiple users. The user terminal has a friendly and intuitive interface, which streamlines ATS messages composition, in accordance with ICAO regulation.

Atech also provides comprehensive support services related to all ATM products, including training programs at the deployed systems or at our own Technical Lab. International support services include local or remote options for status monitoring and maintenance activities.

About Atech

In partnership with the Brazilian Air Force, Atech is responsible for the Brazilian air traffic management systems´ development. To meet the needs of partners in such a strategic area, Atech developed a dedicated portfolio of products that brings complete and integrated solutions to ATM areas, in the national and international markets.

As part of its DNA, the company has a permanent investment in innovation. Together with DECEA, Brazilian ANSP, Brazil could be considered one of the first countries to adopt and implement the air traffic flow management system in the world, SIGMA (Brazilian Air Traffic Flow Management System).

In addition to the innovation pillar, both technical and operational expertise, allows the company to provide new options for remote operations of ATM systems, such as remote Aerodrome Flight Information Services (R-AFIS) COSMOS product, implemented with DECEA to provide remote services to 10 aerodromes, including 6 in the Amazon region, operated from the main ATC centers in Brazil, or future integration of Remote Towers and also new technical infrastructure alternatives (Cloud, SaaS), as a tendency noted in several countries now starting to adopt virtualization and concentration of control centers.

Atech and Embraer, in partnership with all stakeholders ranging from ANSPs, air traffic controllers, academics, and industry experts, is investing in a new paradigm for air traffic management, the ‘Urban Air Traffic Management’. It aims to serve as a gateway to growth for the Urban Air Mobility revolution.

Our portfolio brings full control of the sky and flights. It is a complete set of Air Traffic Management solutions, comprised of modularized and customizable systems that allow the ANSPs to control and optimize flights from takeoff to landing, gate-to-gate, offering maximum safety, reliability and efficiency during the operations.

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