Airspace Q1 2019 – Tailor-made development


The development of a visual flight rules (VFR) airport to an instrument flight rules (IFR) airport requires a flexible, can-do attitude.

With the future opening of a new IFR airport in The Netherlands, LVNL is challenged to form a new unit to deliver ATC services.

Because it is not yet a controlled airport, an important element of the regular training process of new air traffic controllers – on the job training – cannot take place. LVNL found a solution in recruiting personnel with prior experience.

A supporting factor was that the team culture should fit with both the culture of the new airport and the culture of LVNL.

Because the future team already had working experience, LVNL specifically put more emphasis on team culture during the training process.

To form the new ATC unit, a diverse group was selected with both civil and military backgrounds and from different countries. Interpersonal skills and intercultural co-operation were critical.

This broad background required an individual approach to training, so every team member received a tailor-made development programme, based on the high safety requirements in the aviation industry. Three of them followed an intensive course to master the Dutch language.

With this approach, LVNL deviated from its regular training and development programme.

Though the airport is not yet open for IFR traffic and the development programme is ongoing, LVNL believes this tailor-made training programme may offer important insights for future development policies.

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