Airspace Q3 2019 – The meaning of success – Aireon, NATS and NAV CANADA


CANSO Award of Excellence in ATM Finalist

Aireon, NATS and NAV CANADA – Space-based ADS-B in the North Atlantic

Aireon and two of its partners, NAV CANADA and NATS, have made a game-changing use of space-based surveillance in the North Atlantic.

Comprised of 66 payloads on the Iridium Communications satellite constellation, Aireon provides real-time air traffic surveillance for all automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast (ADS-B)-equipped aircraft.

With operations commencing in the North Atlantic Ocean, Gander Domestic and Edmonton Flight Information Regions (FIRs), more than one-third of the world’s oceanic traffic is now under positive control by NAV CANADA and NATS air traffic controllers (ATCOs). The deployment of space-based ADS-B in the North Atlantic Ocean makes flying safer, more efficient and more predictable.

Don Thoma, CEO, Aireon, said: “This nomination represents the enormous work required to launch the first ever global air traffic surveillance system. It would not have been possible without partner collaboration during the deployment over the North Atlantic (NAT). It’s incredible that this started as an idea and is now an operational service, providing valuable benefits to users.”

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