Airspace Q1 2019 – An agile solution


GammaSim is a simulation platform developed in-house by ENAIRE. Air traffic controllers have worked closely with simulator developers to create a system tailored to their training needs. An internal development team has also ensured the technological autonomy needed to continuously upgrade and enhance the system.

GammaSim started as a small project for a low-cost 3D tower simulator for abnormal and emergency situations (ABES). After few months of development, GammaSim became a state-of-the-art simulator, used in demanding situations such as at the Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga control towers for training more than 350 controllers. It also delivered substantial cost-savings with respect to alternative off-the-shelf simulation solutions. As such, GammaSim is ENAIRE’s sustainable solution to upcoming ATCO training challenges.

A GammaSim video is available on YouTube.

GammaSim stands for:

  • General-purpose: used as an ABES simulator, a conversion-training simulator, for the design of new functions, airspace procedures, incident study and more.
  • Adaptable: flexible and easy-to-use to optimise training design and delivery
  • Multi-role: high fidelity 3D-tower simulation, or en-route and approach simulation
  • Multi-position: from standalone to full-scale multi-position and cross-unit simulation. All units are interconnected
  • Agile: fast adoption of changing requirements, prototyping and scalability
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