Airspace Q1 2019 – A 360-degree assessment


Saudi Air Navigation Services (SANS) has been empowering its employees to gain new skills and grow professionally by focusing on learning and development programmes.

The company adopted a new approach in 2018 to ensure efficient and appropriate training and development for ATCOs. It thought that creating a new competency framework would help in providing a comprehensive training. The human resource (HR) team worked in partnership with external field-experienced consultants to review ATCO job descriptions and meet the internal subject matter experts. A final competency framework was established that included the required level for each competency in every ATC job.

In addition, SANS has conducted a 360-degree assessment for all ATCOs to define any training and development gaps.

All assessments were reviewed and analysed by the HR team and revealed full individual development plans (IDP) for all ATCOs in SANS. In 2019, SANS will begin to implement the IDPs.

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