Advancing CANSO’s Vision: Integrating the workforce into Tomorrow’s Skies


During Airspace World 2024, a pivotal panel convened to explore the critical role of the air traffic controller workforce in realising CANSO’s Vision of the Skies 2045 plan.

Moderated by Richard Kennington of Rinaldi Consultants, LLC, the panel titled “ATC and You: Integrating the Workforce into Tomorrow’s Vision” delved into the intricacies of incorporating frontline workers into the aviation industry’s future trajectory.

At the heart of the discussion was CANSO’s ambitious Vision of the Skies 2045 plan, a blueprint crafted by the Complete Air Traffic System (CATS) Global Council. This plan envisions an airspace maximised for global resource use, boasting efficiency, sustainability, and safety while fostering economic prosperity and social welfare worldwide. A key aspect of this vision is the inclusion of the air traffic controller workforce, ensuring their integral role in shaping the future of aviation.

Central to the dialogue was CANSO Director General Simon Hocquard, whose insights shed light on the organisation’s strategic approach to workforce integration. Joining him were esteemed panellists including National Air Traffic Controllers Association Executive Vice President Andrew LeBovidge, Airservices Australia President Tom McRobert, CATCA ACCTA President Nick von Schoenberg, and Prospect ATCOs’ Branch UK Chair Paul Winstanley. Together, they navigated through the complexities of regional variations, the need for tailored solutions, and the imperative of flexibility in maximising operational efficiencies.

The panel emphasised the importance of collaboration and inclusion in executing CANSO’s visionary plan. Recognising the diverse challenges and opportunities across different regions, the discussion underscored the necessity of adaptable strategies to ensure the seamless integration of the workforce into tomorrow’s skies.

As the aviation industry continues to evolve, initiatives like CANSO’s Vision of the Skies 2045 plan serve as guiding beacons towards a sustainable and innovative future. By prioritising workforce integration and collaboration, CANSO and its partners are paving the way for a thriving aviation sector that meets the needs of society while embracing technological advancements and operational excellence.

The panel at Airspace World provided a platform for meaningful dialogue and exchange of ideas, highlighting the collective commitment of industry stakeholders to shape a brighter future for air traffic management. As we embark on this journey towards tomorrow’s skies, collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity will remain paramount in achieving our shared vision of a safer, smarter, and more sustainable aviation ecosystem.

The insightful discussion captured during the panel “ATC and You: Integrating the Workforce into Tomorrow’s Vision” at Airspace World is available to view below.