World ATM Congress 2021 Introduces Expodrónica Pavilion


World ATM Congress organisers, the Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA) and Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO), are pleased to announce a new partnership beginning 2021. This year, Expodrónica, Spain’s premier drone event, will co-locate at World ATM Congress in Madrid, Spain, 26-28 October.

With support from our joint partner, UMILES, Spain’s largest consortium of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) companies, World ATM Congress and Expodrónica will offer focused programming and exhibition on the future of flight and the integration of advanced air mobility (AAM), UAS traffic management (UTM), autonomous and remotely piloted aerial vehicles (AAV/RPAS), novel air traffic management (ATM) systems, and other drone or AAM-related services.

Airborne demonstrations will also be hosted at Cuatro Vientos Aerodrome in Madrid on Thursday afternoon, 28 October. Registration will open in mid-September.

About Expodrónica at World ATM Congress

Expodrónica was established in 2015 and has since attracted over 6.000 drone and AAM experts. Merging with World ATM Congress this year, Expodrónica will bring over 70 exhibitors and two and a half days of conference programming to IFEMA in October.

Although Expodrónica 2021 was expected to be celebrated in September, this great step towards becoming a global event with World ATM Congress is reason enough to change the event dates. “Expodrónica promotes the industry, gives visibility, and helps to achieve, as soon as possible, the full integration of unmanned vehicles in the airspace as well as enabling safe coexistence with other users,” said Expodrónica founder and director, Isabel Buatas. “For this reason, we celebrate the alliance between Expodrónica and World ATM Congress to create a unique event of coexistence, mutual learning, and collaboration. In this new era of mobility, collaboration is especially important in order to construct a more sustainable, digitalised, and eco-friendly society.”

World ATM Congress looks forward to diversifying its exposition and programming by welcoming members of emerging industries to take part in the future evolution of the global airspace in support of new operations and business objectives. Programming and exhibition will center around the Expodrónica Pavilion, brought to you by World ATM Congress in collaboration with UMILES. Planning is already underway for a large-scale, international event to take place annually in conjunction with World ATM Congress, at which time Expodrónica will officially become part of the World ATM Congress event portfolio.

About our Sponsor

World ATM Congress is also proud to announce a new collaboration with UMILES. Founded in 2016 in Madrid with the dream of creating an alliance of international companies, UMILES is a remotely piloted aircraft service provider that includes as its main activity the operation of drones and AAM aircraft, in addition to manufacturing, sales, maintenance, training, technical consulting, and commercial services.

“A central thesis at the very core of the UMILES vision is that the new wave of electrification in aeronautics, both manned and unmanned, is a necessary evolution of the dynamic aeronautical sector,” said UMILES Group Chief Executive Officer Carlos Poveda. “This alliance with World ATM Congress represents a great step forward towards the full and seamless integration of electrified aeronautics in all shape and forms with today’s aerospace. We can all coexist with maximum levels of security and efficiency.”

About the Programme

The Pavilion will include two theatres with programming spanning the entirety of World ATM Congress, including dedicated presentations on new mobility as mandated by the European Commission. One theatre will be dedicated to panels and thought leadership and the other focused on product demos and presentations from Expodrónica Pavilion exhibitors and sponsors. On Thursday, when World ATM Congress concludes midday, invited guests will gather at Cuatro Vientos Aerodrome to take part in field demonstrations showcasing innovative new technology enabling safe and efficient airspace integration in an actual airport environment. Registration for this event is very limited. Registration information will be made available soon, but you can sign up to receive announcements HERE.

“We have always prided World ATM Congress on being an event by the ATM industry, for the ATM industry. As aviation and ATM evolve, joining forces with Expodrónica is an example of how our event keeps pace with all segments of our community,” read a joint statement from Peter F. Dumont, ATCA’s president and chief executive officer, and Simon Hocquard, CANSO’s Director General. “Housing these two strong conferences under one roof ensures that ATM leaders around the world have the resources and contacts they need to make informed, forward-looking policies and business decisions. World ATM Congress is the ATM marketplace, and we look forward to giving exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees opportunities to expand their ideas, their networks, their products, and their bottom lines.” 

Press opportunities

Expodrónica will host a special media preview of what to expect from the partnership at World ATM Congress on 22 September at Cuatro Vientos Aerodrome. Activities will include Ehang’s Spanish debut of its EH216F autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV), presentations by UMILES and other key players in Europe’s AAM and drone spaces, and interview opportunities. Registration information will be made available soon, but you can sign up to receive announcements HERE.

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