Towards a Digital European Sky


Brussels, 22 September 2020 – CANSO welcomes today’s European Commission proposal on the Single European Sky (SESII ) as an opportunity to realise a more digital European air traffic management (ATM) sector. A reformed legislative framework will help air navigation services providers (ANSPs) to provide the increased capacity and scalability required in the future by our customers, the airspace users, and to offer more environmentally efficient flight trajectories.

The proposal addresses issues such as the role of the Network Manager, liberalisation of the market for air traffic data services, submission of performance plans under the Performance and Charging Scheme, modulation of air navigation charges, a new regulator role for the Performance Review Body, and fair pricing for information services for U-Space and drones, among others. CANSO will now examine these in further detail so that we can form detailed positions.

Tanja Grobotek, CANSO’s Director Europe Affairs, said: “While safety will always remain our number one priority, CANSO’s vision is of an ATM industry that is customer-focused, market-driven, anticipative and responsive in addressing future challenges such as traffic growth and sustainability. With this proposal, we hope that we can work with the EU institutions and other aviation stakeholders towards the best possible framework to help us achieve this ambition.

SES Europe