The first CANSO Euro-Asia summit hosted in Azerbaijan


Baku, Azerbaijan – 26 January 2024 – In an effort to strengthen collaboration and address pressing challenges in the aviation industry, the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO) along with the Azerbaijan ANSP – Azeraeronavigation (AZANS) – hosted the first ever CANSO Euro-Asia Summit this week. This strategic gathering brought together CEOs and industry leaders from air navigation service providers across the Euro-Asia/CIS region in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The CANSO Euro-Asia Summit aims to foster collaboration among industry leaders to enhance understanding and develop shared strategic goals, in order to boost the performance and efficiency of air transport in the Central Asia region.

As Simon Hocquard, CANSO Director General, commented: “Our aim was to foster dialogue among industry stakeholders, focusing on identifying collaborative solutions and strategies that will enhance air navigation services, improve safety, efficiency, capacity, and, ultimately, contribute to the growth of the aviation sector. I was genuinely impressed by the excellent dialogue and partnership evidenced this week and I am confident we are on a path to enhanced collaboration in the region.”

Farhan Guliyev, Director of Azeraeronavigation Air Traffic Department, emphasised the importance of this initiative in supporting regional civil aviation development. “We are delighted to host this strategically important event. We hope this is the first step to driving collaboration and ensuring effective coordination to enhance the performance and efficiency of air transport within the Central Asia region.”

AZANS is a CANSO member responsible for the airspace on the crossroads of West and East, as well as the Middle East and North America, making the airspace of Azerbaijan Republic a connecting link between Europe and Asia.

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