Revolutionising Lima Airport: ADB SAFEGATE delivers state-of-the-art airside technology for the future


In partnership with Inti Punku Consortium, ADB SAFEGATE is pleased to announce key upgrades to airport operational systems, airfield ground lighting, docking guidance and apron management technologies at the New Jorge Chávez International Airport (Lima Airport) as part of the ambitious $1.6bn Lima Airport Expansion Project which aims to double the airport’s capacity.

The airport’s new air traffic control tower and a second runway opened in April 2023 equipped with a state-of-the-art LED airfield ground lighting solution from ADB SAFEGATE. Upgrades to the airport’s existing operational database, integration broker and resource management systems are also planned. Under this new contract, ADB SAFEGATE will deliver its latest Safedock FleX Advanced Visual Docking Guidance Systems (A-VDGS) and AiPRON Manager – giving Lima Airport a complete set of tools for superior efficiency.

The Safedock FleX and AiPRON Manager will be essential to providing greater control over the new apron and five-story terminal building expected to open in 2025, allowing the airport to experience the benefits of automated, intelligent apron management and manage growth efficiently.

The Safedock FleX was introduced by ADB SAFEGATE in 2022 and offers advancements in A-VDGS technology for safer, smoother aircraft parking, even in low visibility. The A-VDGS also act as intelligent sensors at the gate, uniquely capable of collecting and sharing data to further improve apron operations.

The web based AiPRON Manager constantly monitors the A-VDGS and other connected apron equipment and systems and provides stakeholders with real-time data and alerts to potential issues before an aircraft arrives.

As Lima Airport works to implement Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM), the Safedock FleX and AiPRON Manager will support A-CDM by exchanging relevant, accurate and timely information among stakeholders. For example, the A-VDGS will share Target Off Block Times (TOBT) and Target Start Up Approval Times (TSAT) with flight and ground crews.

ADB SAFEGATE has a long-standing relationship with Lima Airport. The FleX systems will work together with an earlier model Safedock A-VDGS in use for nearly 20 years at the existing terminal, and its airfield has consistently been equipped with ADB SAFEGATE airfield ground lighting systems.

Nick Haines, VP Americas at ADB SAFEGATE, said: “We are thrilled to provide our latest technology for the Lima Airport Expansion Project. The new A-VDGS and AiPRON Manager will set the airport up for future advances in intelligent apron management and help deliver better control, safety, and efficiency to deliver an even better experience for their airline partners and passengers.”

Lima Airport Partners (LAP), a Fraport AG subsidiary, has operated the airport in Peru’s capital city since 2001. After Frankfurt and Antalya, Lima is the third-busiest airport in the Fraport Group by aircraft movements. When it opens, the new terminal will integrate the airport with the port of Callao and Metropolitan Lima to create the first airport city in Latin America, which will be called Lima Airport City. This modern, functional infrastructure will guarantee a premium travel experience and elevate Peru as one of the main hubs in the region.

ADB SAFEGATE is providing Lima Airport with 59 Safedock FleX A-VDGS, marking the first FleX installation in Latin America. The initial delivery is expected late summer 2023, with following phases between December 2023 and July 2024.

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