Guidelines on Airport-Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) Key Performance Measures

Airport collaborative decision-making (A-CDM) can improve the efficiency, capacity and environmental performance of airport operations by optimising the use of resources and improving the predictability of events. A-CDM may also enhance the planning and management of en-route operations. The procedure is based on real-time information sharing between airport operators, aircraft operators, ground handlers and air traffic control, and involves the implementation of a set of operational procedures and automated processes.

CANSO’s Guidelines on Airport-Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) Key Performance Measures assists ANSPs and States in establishing a programme that meets the expectations of all stakeholders and is in accordance with international standards (ICAO Doc 9971). It also provides ANSPs with recommendations for monitoring performance and maximising the benefits.

What will you learn?

This document will show how to effectively evaluate the performance of an A-CDM programme. It sets out a recommended Performance Framework and assists in developing measurement criteria, also called Key Performance Objectives, and how to break them down into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The guidance is essential for those who have established an A-CDM programme or are developing the tools to effectively monitor a new one.

What is A-CDM?

A-CDM is a set of processes applied to operations at aerodromes, allowing all aviation stakeholders to share information and collaborate. The main objective is to generate a common situational awareness that will foster improved decision-making. These exchanges of information, in turn, help to optimise the use of aerodrome resources, reduce arrival and departure delays, and improve predictability during regular and irregular operations. The decision-making process is facilitated by the sharing of accurate and timely operational information by means of a common toolset, and by the application of agreed-upon processes and procedures. A-CDM allows all stakeholders to optimise their operations and decisions in a collaborative environment, in light of their preferences, known constraints and the forecasted situation.

Air traffic flow management (ATFM) and collaborative decision-making (CDM) are requirements for air navigation service providers (ANSPs) under ICAO Annex 11 to the Convention on Civil Aviation for States, enabling more efficient, effective ATM operations. Airport-collaborative decision making (A-CDM) assists ANSPs in achieving this and therefore an important component of optimising air traffic flow.

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