Global Air Navigation Services Performance Report 2018 – Executive Summary

The CANSO Global Air Navigation Services Performance Report provides an annual global overview of air navigation service provider (ANSP) performance. It compares key financial and productivity indicators from participating ANSPs, highlighting global performance trends and identifying gaps. The report provides a basis for collective improvement, enabling ANSPs and their stakeholders to make informed decisions when pursuing increased cost-effectiveness and productivity, without impacting safety.

This ninth edition of the report covers performance data from participating ANSPs in 2017, along with trend data between the 2013 and 2017 fiscal years. This year marks the fifth year of our partnership with Helios, which has worked with CANSO to produce the report.

The Global Air Navigation Services Performance Report 2018 is divided in two parts.

  • The Executive Summary provides an overview of aviation industry trends, ANSP performance trends in 2017 and key findings. It is aimed at ANSPs and stakeholders to consider global ANSP performance in the context of aviation industry-wide operations.
  • The ANSP View provides data on the performance of individual ANSPs along with contextual comments. It is aimed at encouraging ANSPs to examine their own performance with respect to similar ANSPs and explore possible improvements.

What’s next

While the report’s current focus is on cost-efficiency and productivity, it will evolve to include benchmarking data from other areas, including safety, operations, capacity, the environment and human resources. Quantifying the effect that other areas of performance have on cost-efficiency is a continuing focus.

Taking part in performance benchmarking

Identifying and tracking significant industry trends is vital for driving improvements in ATM and CANSO undertakes several benchmarking activities that cover the main aspects of ANSP activity; safety, operations, environmental performance, business excellence, human resources and performance.

If you would like to take part in performance benchmarking or any other CANSO benchmarking activity, please contact for more information.

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