Global Air Navigation Services Performance Report (2014-2019)

The Global Air Navigation Services Performance Report 2015-2019 is CANSO’s latest report examining the cost-efficiency and productivity of air navigation service providers (ANSP). The performance of 52 ANSPs is detailed in the report across a key performance indicator framework for continental and oceanic operations.

2019 will be an important baseline year in many respects when looking at performance in the aviation industry. The report however shows that a number of key trends were reversed in 2019, primarily due to a slowing of traffic growth across participating ANSPs. The mean traffic growth for participating ANSPs in 2019 was 1.6%, whereas in 2018 it was 4.6%.

The 2019 Report contains a special Annex examining COVID impacts on performance, a subject that will be explored more deeply in the 2020 report. The Global Benchmarking Workgroup will be doing more work on this important topic.

The report includes case studies from HungaroControl and NAV Portugal exploring the issue of ATCO productivity.

The Global Air Navigation Services Performance Report is compiled by CANSO’s Global Benchmarking Workgroup (GBWG) with the assistance of Egis. An interactive dashboard which allows users to make a customised analysis of ANSP performance is available to GBWG members. If you have any questions about joining the workgroup, please contact

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