Global Air Navigation Services Performance Report (2014-2018)

CANSO’s tenth Global Air Navigation Services Performance Report uses key performance metrics to measure the cost-efficiency and productivity of air navigation service providers(ANSP). The latest report includes data from 57 ANSPs responsible for the management of 65% of the world’s air traffic. It covers data from 2014 up to 2018, 2018 being the latest year for which financial data is available, based on information submitted in 2019. The report includes data from EUROCONTROL’s ATM Cost-Effectiveness (ACE) Benchmarking Report.

The latest Global Air Navigation Services Performance Report also considers trends over the past 10 years, and the factors that have influenced performance, including traffic fluctuations, new technology, changes in human resource and legislation. The report finds that ANSPs have a strong record of productivity improvement over the past decade, largely rooted in their ability over the years to handle growing traffic volumes without a corresponding increase in costs.

In addition, the report includes case studies from JANS, PANSA, KCAA and NAV CANADA on measures taken to yield improvements in performance. For a greater understanding of the current initiatives and trends occurring across the aviation industry, the report includes the safety performance perspective provided by the CANSO Safety Performance Measurement Workgroup (SPMWG).

The report provides invaluable insight for ANSPs and customers, as well as the aviation industry and its stakeholders and showcases the strength of the industry during what was until recently a period of exponential growth in air travel

What’s on offer

  • Measure and analyse cost-efficiency and productivity performance on a global scale
  • Identify and track key trends affecting the industry
  • Secure intelligence to improve individual and industry-wide performance

Get involved

The Global Air Navigation Services Performance Report is compiled by CANSO’s Global Benchmarking Workgroup (GBWG) with the assistance of Helios. An interactive dashboard which allows users to make a customised analysis of ANSP performance is available to GBWG members. If you have any questions about joining the workgroup, please contact

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