CANSO Asia Pacific Regional Safety Implementation Strategy

Safety is the industry’s number one priority and CANSO is committed to the delivery of operational best practice through a strong regional focus.

The CANSO Asia Pacific Regional Safety Implementation Strategy facilitates the collaborative regional improvement of safety in the region and provides a reference guide for Member ANSPs in developing their own safety programmes.
The publication also offers regional and global stakeholders, including regulators, airlines, and pilots’ associations, insight into how the regional strategy can contribute to aviation safety and support cross-industry cooperation.

Developed by the CANSO Asia Pacific Safety Workgroup, comprising a number of key ANSPs in the region, the publication addresses the following questions:

  • Are our ATM operations in the Asia Pacific regions safe?
  • Will ATM be safe in the future?
  • What do we need to do to improve the safety of ATM operations?

The delivery of this strategy will contribute to improving the safety of aviation while supporting the ongoing traffic growth across the region. It also aims to support harmonisation of safety management capabilities across ANSPs in the long term.

The third edition of the CANSO Asia Pacific Safety Implementation Strategy completed in 2021 summarised the implementation plan and its progress to reflect successes and the evolving maturity and safety improvement needs of the region.

This document will be reviewed annually by the CANSO Asia Pacific Safety Workgroup to ensure that the priorities for regional safety improvement and supporting implementation plans continue to adapt to ongoing changes in the regional aviation environment.

Asia-Pacific Safety