CANSO Acquisition Excellence Manual

The CANSO Acquisition Excellence Manual is an essential guide that will prepare the ATM industry for potentially seismic shifts in business and purchasing models. It breaks down the walls to often complex and time-consuming processes and procedures; and provides insight and guidance on acquisition best practice from both sides of the table. CANSO’s Associate Members, typically the sellers in this scenario, will be able to better understand ANSP thinking and also their requirements in the purchasing process. CANSO’s Full Members, the ANSPs, will be able to improve their buying skills.

This manual has been designed with real-time practical application in mind. It has a series of case studies and, where appropriate, ‘how to’ guides which draw from the experience and expertise of CANSO Members, providing guidance as to how these cases can be applied within organisations regardless of corporate structure.

CANSO Members can also use this publication:

  • As a reference guide to help cost effectiveness, continuous improvement, corporate strategic alignment, operational efficiency and engagement with internal stakeholders and between buyers and sellers.
  • To review and adopt appropriate models and practices described in the manual which can enhance, complement or ultimately change processes within organisations striving to reach acquisition excellence.
  • To look in depth at supplier partner relationships as a more mature form of acquisition management which can be used to target continuous improvement within your organisation.
  • To analyse stakeholder management and requirements management to demonstrate how mismanagement in these areas can quickly derail an acquisition and erode the business benefits.
  • To review cyber security risks, as procurement organisations can and should play a key role in mitigating risk in this area.
  • To help choose the right supplier, as this is essential to help ensure the success of the procurement.
  • To have a reference list of all the elements of a contract, which helps to provide insight as to what the supplier and the buyer will be taking into consideration.
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