Best Practice Guide to Crossing Flight Information Region Boundaries

CANSO has published the Best Practice Guide to Crossing Flight Information Region Boundaries. The Guide addresses two of the main impediments to the safe and efficient crossing of Flight Information Region (FIR) boundaries: inconsistencies in filing flight plans; and problems in transitioning between surveillance and non-surveillance airspaces.

The Guide recommends best practices that will improve the quality of flight plans and addresses the inefficiencies and safety concerns involving the transition of aircraft between surveillance and non-surveillance airspace.

The application of this guidance will help ANSPs reduce or eliminate some of the factors that contribute to operational inefficiencies, unnecessary fuel burn, CO2 emissions, and loss of required separation standards as aircraft cross FIR boundaries. It will assist ANSPs to work with their neighbouring FIRs and stakeholders to identify and address inter-dependencies and inconsistencies in operations across FIR boundaries.  

The recommendations are aligned and complement guidance material provided by CANSO’s industry partners – the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and International Air Transport Association (IATA).

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