Air Traffic Management Cybersecurity Policy Template

CANSO, ICAO and Airbus have prepared an Air Traffic Management Cybersecurity Policy Template to help states implement cybersecurity mechanisms and culture across entire ATM systems and security operations.

The template aims to guarantee aviation system resilience, safeguarding information integrity, availability, confidentiality, and hardware/software protection, and support civil aviation security, national security and defence and law enforcement.

The Air Traffic Management Cybersecurity Policy Template is a living document that will adapt to the changing environment we live in. Implementing a cybersecurity policy protects your organisation while increasing safety.  

Key highlights

  • Learn how to identify critical infrastructure and secure it through risk analysis, monitoring and review
  • Explore the role of industry collaboration in integrating, adopting and adapting risk management procedures
  • Discover the importance of training and qualifications for technical and operational personnel

Read the blog: Shayne Campbell, CANSO Safety Programme Manager, explores the latest CANSO tool for addressing cybersecurity in ATM here.

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