New Company in the LFV Holding Group


LFV has finalized the acquisition of Eltel’s aviation and security business area. The newly formed company will be part of the LFV holding group.

With the new company in place, they will manage the operation and maintenance of systems under our LFV. The company will also continue to provide technical services to both current and new customers. At the same time, the company will contribute to the development of LFV’s operations.

“I welcome Robert Sporrong, former Aviation & Security business area manager as CEO of the company. Today we also welcome all our new colleagues to LFV”, says Ann Persson Grivas, LFV Director-General.

“As we move into LFV’s management, we will continue to work closely with all our customers. We continue to provide quality communication services, develop our customers’ operating system environment and technical equipment to ensure their critical communication”, says CEO Robert Sporrong. “Me and my co-workers look forward to becoming part of LFV.”

LFV has assessed this service to be conducted under LFV’s own direction from several perspectives. External changes, the resumed total defense, the proposed sourcing strategy and the new Security Protection Act have been important areas considered in the decision to acquire the entire business from Eltel. LFV is the company’s largest customer and, with the acquisition, the business is intact, which will benefit all the company’s customers.

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