NAV Portugal advances with airspace restructuring of Lisbon Terminal Area


NAV Portugal launches the Point Merge System (PMS) next dawn, a new sequencing model for arrivals at Lisbon Terminal Area, bringing greater flexibility and predictability in traffic management throughout the region. Besides the sequencing system, the changes implemented next dawn also entail a comprehensive redesign of aircraft entry and exit routes from Lisbon’s airspace. This signifies the most extensive restructuring ever of Lisbon’s airspace.

With the launch of the PMS, a result of a partnership with Eurocontrol, NAV will replace traditional arrival sequencing models, where trajectories increase according to delay needs, with linear sequencing, based on two arcs equidistant from the airport, regardless of the location of each aircraft within the arc.

According to Pedro Ângelo, CEO of NAV Portugal, “the Point Merge System will allow traffic flows to and from Lisbon Airport to be managed in a more optimized, predictable, and precise manner, which will enhance operational safety. This represents another positive contribution from NAV Portugal to improving the Lisbon airport system. It is also a moment of joy and gratitude for the teams and all individuals involved in this project’s development. Congratulations to NAV Portugal”.

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