Mexico leads the way as first ICAO member with largest fleet of NavAidDrone solutions


Colibrex has successfully completed the project, won last year, for the delivery of measurement drones to SENEAM, the Mexican Air Navigation Service Provider.

With 11 NavAidDrone systems, this project is unique in its scope and marks a new era in the deployment of drone-based measurement approaches in the aviation world. The NavAidDrone is a fully integrated measurement drone for specialized field measurements required for inspection and regular maintenance of Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) and VHF Omnidirectional Radio Range (VOR/DVOR). It has been jointly developed by Colibrex, a subsidiary of LS telcom, and FCS Flight Calibration Services.

The Aeronautical Authority in Mexico (AFAC) and SENEAM are working to implement the regulations and necessary processes to integrate new technologies into the aviation sector. SENEAM’s CEO Javier Alonso Vega Dour strongly supports technological advancements and enhanced operational safety in the aviation industry. He is convinced of the multiple benefits of drone-based NavAids inspection and stated as an example of application “After Hurricane Otis inflicted catastrophic damage in Acapulco, we deployed the NavAidDrone to check the ILS and VOR systems at Aeropuerto Internacional General Juan N. Álvarez (IATA: ACA, ICAO: MMAA).” He added “Colibrex, LS telcom, and Telnorm Air responded swiftly to assist our staff in this challenging disaster recovery mission!”

Ricardo Orozco Delgado, Technical Director of SENEAM, further noted “Our primary goal is to enhance the inspection and maintenance of ILS & VOR systems at all Mexican airports. For instance, we now have the capability to detect variations in ILS signals, which were previously unmeasurable with conventional methods.”

“For this key project with several drones to be dispatched and operated within the country, it was obvious that Colibrex, LS telcom and Telnorm Air are the first choice as a team when it comes to reliability, support, and experience for such a high-level innovative technology.” Ricardo Aguilar, Director of Aeronautics at Telnorm Air, adds, and he concludes “We were able to present SENEAM with the most advanced and field-proven solution in the market. Our concept, distinct from commercial drone platforms, features a high level of system integration and emphasizes the best focus on local services.”

The Managing Director of Colibrex, Luc Haeberlé, states “SENEAM’s project is a game changer, and we are convinced that this choice will inspire many other ANSPs worldwide to adopt our cutting-edge technology with the additional goal of reducing flight inspection efforts and CO2 impact.

For us, it represents the dedication of several years of effort and investment in the development of a solution that offers multiple advantages, both in terms of measurement quality and remarkable operational efficiency.”

With the signed contract, Colibrex, together with its technology partner FCS Flight Calibration Services, confirms its leading role in the emerging market of drones for NavAid inspection.

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