Zambia Airports Corporation Limited


Organisation Overview
National Airports Corporation Limited (NACL) is a parastatal company which is 100%owned by the Government of the Republic Of Zambia. It was established in 1989 through the amendment of the Aviation Act and incorporated under the Companies Act Chapter 388 Volume 25 of the Laws of Zambia. The Corporation was established to develop, maintain and manage the four designated international airports, namely Lusaka, Ndola, Livingstone and Mfuwe and provision of air navigation services throughout Zambia. 

Air Traffic Control 
Separate Aerodrome Control and Approach Control are provided at Lusaka International Airport, while Ndola and Livingstone combine Approach /Aerodrome Control services. Aerodrome control is provided within 10 nautical mile radius of the four designated international airports for arriving and departing aircraft with an upper limit of not above 5000 feet. Approach Control is provided within 50 nautical mile radius of the airports and along busy airways up to FL245 (24,500 feet above mean sea level). 

The Lusaka Area Control is responsible for all flights above FL245 on and off ATS routes; All traffic regardless of level outside controlled airspace is provided flight information services by the Area Control Centre. There are five provincial aerodromes at which Airfield Flight Information Service is provided. The aerodromes are operated by the Department of Civil Aviation while equipment is provided by National Airports Corporation Limited (NACL), and these are Chipata, Kasama, Mansa, Mongu, and Solwezi.

Number of Area Control Centres1
Number of Employees118

Member Information

Membership Type: Full Member

Acting Managing Director: Ms. Maggie Banda Kaunda

Country: Zambia

Telephone number: +260 (211) 271 118

Fax number: +260 (211) 271 118

Head office:

Kenneth Kaunda International Airport Box 30175, Lusaka Zambia