Organisation Overview

Vietnam Air Traffic Management Corporation (VATM) is a unique provider for air navigation services for aircrafts operating at airports nationwide and over Vietnam FIRs.  Besides VATM also has functions of consultancy, designing, construction, supervision, repairing and maintenance, installation of equipment for air traffic management; manufacturing items, accessories, technical equipment for air traffic management and providing flight inspection services for navigation aids.

As of July 2014, VATM has nearly 3 thousand employees of which there are about 500 air traffic controllers.  The air traffic management output in 2013 was about 500 thousand flights, with the total revenue being nearly $100 million USD.

Regarding Vietnam’s airspace organization, there are 2 FIRs which include 36 international ATS routes and 24 domestic ATS routes, 07 international airports and 14 domestic airports.

In order to enhance the quality of services provided, during the years, VATM has invested to upgrade technical infrastructure at 02 ACCs, 03 APPs, 21 TWRs, 04 primary radar systems, 07 secondary radar systems, 02 surface movement radars, 21 DVOR/DME stations, 05 long range VHF stations for enroute control, 17 VSATS stations and 03 ADS-B ground stations.

At present, VATM is implementing the Master Plan on CNS/ATM to integrate fully into aviation communities in the region and the world and to concentrate all resources for continuously investing and modernizing technical equipment and facilities and enhancing high quality human resources to ensure the criteria of “safety, regularity and efficiency”.

Member Information

Membership Type: Full Member

Chairman: Mr. Le Hoang Minh

Country: Vietnam

Telephone number: +84 4 3872 1636

Fax number: +84 4 3827 2597

Head office:

No. 06/200 Nguyen Son Street Long Bien District Ha Noi City Vietnam