Organisation Profile

The primary goal of Unifly is to facilitate the safe integration of drones into the aviation system. The usage of drones in our airspace is expanding rapidly. In addition to this, drones are too small to be detected by traditional air traffic control radar systems. A management system allowing a safe integration of small drones into the aviation network is urgently needed. This is where Unifly created a solution, called UTMS (Unmanned Traffic Management System).

Unifly UTMS is a software platform that allows the integration of low flying drones into the aviation system while guaranteeing an equivalent level of safety in comparison with manned aviation.

The platform is based on the existing standards and requirements applicable in the aviation industry. Unifly UTMS checks upfront what regulations apply to the location where the drone company plans their operation. It also notifies the drone users and visualizes the drone operations when potential conflicts occur. The real-time position of a drone operation is shared into the aviation system, making it possible to intervene if an unexpected dangerous situation might occur.

The use of aviation standards is especially recognized by Qualified Entities, Civil Aviation Authorities and Air Navigation Service Providers, while the drone users are pleased by the user-friendly interface and the reduction in time to plan their flight, obtain a permit-to-fly, manage their flights and fleet, and validate if they’re allowed to fly at a certain location.

As a result, Unifly won the runner up prize in the European contest organized by SESAR.

Member Information

Membership Type: Associate Silver Member

Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Andres van Swalm

Country: Belgium

Telephone number: +32 3 446 01 00

Fax number: n/a

E-mail: info@unifly.aero

Head office:

Unifly nv
Luchthavenlei 7A
Antwerp, 2100