Tern Systems


Organisation overview

Tern Systems designs and builds Air Traffic Management software solutions and has over 25 years of successful deliveries to customers in Europe, Asia, and Africa. We are driven to meet the demands of the future in ATM and be the preferred partner to deliver simplicity and security to the global air space. Cooperation, design, and safety are a part of our DNA and are at the forefront of the innovative products we develop in close ties with our partners. We are an established and trusted provider of Air Traffic Control solutions with headquarters in Iceland and operation in Hungary and Poland.

Polaris ATM

Polaris ATM is our flagship product, the next-generation Air Traffic Management System. Our vision is to advance Air Traffic Control by delivering new levels of usability, modernity and innovation. We develop in close cooperation with our end-users from diverse operational roles. Moving beyond the legacy systems which dominate the industry, Polaris ATM uses technologies which will support our partner’s emerging needs in the next decade and beyond. ANSPs who select Polaris as their future ATM system will benefit from new features developed with others within our user group, designed with scalability and adaptability in mind.

A brand new ATM system built for digital-native generations, Polaris benefits from over 25 years experience in creating advanced, operationally-proven ATM software. Polaris ATM not only represents the latest industry technology, but its modular architecture enables the easy adaptation and addition of newer components and capabilities as the ATM industry modernises. It’s designed from the start to accommodate complex, fast-changing airspaces.

Orion Simulator

Orion Simulator is a suite of solutions designed for Air Traffic Control training that effortlessly operates with any standard ATM system, including Polaris ATM and your current operating system. The family of Orion Creator and Orion Pilot work together efficiently to reduce the expertise and labour required to conduct valuable ATCO training.  Our ATC simulator uses the most current and capable technologies so that operating the systems feels comfortable and the simulations feature impressive levels of realism powered by Unreal Engine™. The design and functionality of Orion Simulator are inspired by more than 25 years of experience developing ATC training systems.

Orion Driver

Orion Driver is the most realistic airport driving simulator on the market today. This powerful tool allows training customised to your airport environment and diversifies training options with tangible and measurable reporting. Choosing a well-designed driving simulator made for airports and offloading unnecessary traffic from the runway means maximising training time, increasing business value, and reducing management costs.


Nexus revolutionises Air Traffic Management by transforming operational rooms into dynamic, paperless environments where it is easy to control what data and documents are available at the working position. Nexus brings documentation and ATM data into the digital age.

Experience a seamless transition to a clutter-free, always up-to-date operational room. Nexus is not just a system; it’s your step towards an efficient, digital-first future. Nexus ensures operational rooms remain up-to-date, eliminating the need for manual documentation handling. Nexus automatically manages validity dates and AIRAC cycles, ensuring your operations are always up-to-date with ease.

Built with safety at its core, Nexus meets SWAL4 compliance standards, offering unmatched reliability against undocumented, in-house systems.

Member Information

Membership Type: Associate Silver Member

CEO: Mr. Magnus Thordarson

Country: Iceland

Telephone number: +354 424 5500

Fax number: +354 424 5501

E-mail: marketing@tern.is

Head office:

Hlidasmari 15
201 Kopavogur