Organisation Overview

The main goal of the State Joint Stock Company Latvijas Gaisa Satiksme (LGS) is to provide airspace users with effective and reliable air navigation services maintaining the required flight safety as a high priority task.

As an enterprise operating in the field of civil aviation, LGS is subject to the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Latvia.

LGS provides air navigation services to customers in an open and transparent manner. Flight safety and customer satisfaction are the main focuses of the Company. LGS provides all airspace users with equal quality services.

Air navigation charges are the main revenue source, as LGS does not receive any financing from the State budget.

LGS was founded in 1991 as an Air Navigation Services Enterprise with 100% state ownership. 

Towers operated: 1
ACCs: 1
Employees: 354
Total number of ATCOs: 125
Operational ATCOs: 77

Member Information

Membership Type: Full Member

Chief Executive Officer: Davids Taurins

Country: Latvia

Telephone number: +371 67 300 950

Fax number: +371 67 300 970

E-mail: lgs@lgs.lv

Head office:

LGS, International Airport, Riga
LV-1053, Latvia