Isavia ANS


Organisation Overview

Isavia ANS is responsible for operating Air Navigation Services in Iceland. The CEO of Isavia ANS is Mr. Kjartan Briem.

The mission of Isavia ANS is to ensure the provision of safe and reliable air navigation services for one of the largest oceanic control areas in the world, one that extends 5,4 million sq. km. over the Reykjavik FIR as well as a large part of the Sondrestrom FIR.

The company operates a highly modern Area Control Center located next to Reykjavik Airport in addition to the required communications infrastructure that provides continuous connectivity with aircraft over the high seas as well as on domestic routes over Iceland. Radar and ADS-B surveillance is available in an area extending from Europe to North America, between 61°NL and 70°NL. 

Long-range communications are provided by Iceland Air Radio a division of Isavia ANS, that operates a system of High Frequency and VHF facilities in addition to an AFTN/CIDIN switching node. 

In addition to these services Isavia ANS operates Control Towers and Approach Services at Iceland’s 3 Controlled Airports and supports the CNS infrastructure for all airports in Iceland. 

Number of Towers Operated3
Number of Area Control Centres1
Number of Employees332
Number of Employees at Subsidiaries53
Number of ATCOs118

Member Information

Membership Type: Full Member

Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Kjartan Briem

Country: Iceland

Telephone number: +354 (424) 4000

Fax number: +354 (562) 4599

Head office:

Reykjavik Airport, 102 Reykjavik, Iceland