Instituto Dominicano de Aviacion Civil (IDAC)


Organisation Overview

The Dominican Republic Civil Aviation Institute (IDAC) is the civil aviation authority of the Dominican Republic. It was a founding member state of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). IDAC is an autonomous State agency that regulates and promotes civil aviation in the Dominican Republic; it is the air navigation service provider, contributing to the economic development of the nation.

The Air Navigation Directorate (DINA), is responsible for the provision of air navigation services in the Santo Domingo Flight Information Region, managing the air traffic services, the aeronautical information and the CNS components, with a high level of safety, supported by the implementation of a safety management system in all air navigation services, in compliance with our national regulations (RAD-110) and ICAO Annex 19.

The services offered by DINA are aimed at air navigation system users, such as airports, commercial airlines, general and military aviation, which perform air operations, arriving, departing or overflying the airspace, and to all those that require aeronautical information about the Dominican Republic.  DINA establishes policies, procedures and methods to ensure compliance with national and international regulations, and manages the necessary resources for the efficient provision of air navigation services.  IDAC is committed to improving established standards, complying with current regulations to raise the quality and safety levels of air navigation services, and contributing to the development of the thriving tourism industry, the main economic activity of the Dominican Republic.

Number of Towers Operated90
Number of Area Control Centres1
Number if TRACON1
Number of ATCOs350

Member Information

Membership Type: Full Member

Director General: Dr. Román E. Caamaño

Country: Dominican Republic

Telephone number: +1 809 221 7909 and +1 809 274 4322

Fax number: +1 809 221 8616


Head office:

Ave. Mexico Esq. 30 de Marzo,
10216, San Carlos, Santo Domingo, D.N
Dominican Republic


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