GroupEAD Europe S.L.


Organisation Overview

GroupEAD Europe S.L. was founded in 2001 to provide the European AIS database (EAD) Services on behalf of EUROCONTROL and its member states. Today we are operating the world’s largest Aeronautical Information System – the vital European repository of quality-assured aeronautical information. 

The GroupEAD team consists of experts from all key areas of the aviation community including AIS, ATC, Airports, Commercial and Military Aviation. Our unique background of multinational and multilingual staff members allows us to provide our experience to our clients in an engaged and flexible way. Our further dedication to our clients includes 24/7 services.

Services provided by GroupEAD include:

  • Management of static data 
  • NOTAM Services 
  • Production of the Aeronautical 
  • Information Publication (AIP) 
  • Charting Services 
  • Provision of AIS and maintenance of aeronautical database on behalf of Clients 
  • AIM consultancy 
  • Training 

EAD Services are delivered to the most European States as well as to hundreds of ANSPs, Aircraft Operators and other customers worldwide. While concentrating on ANSP business, the management of data and operation of data handling systems are part of our core competencies. Transferring these competencies into other areas of aviation data management, e.g. airport business is our future challenge and GroupEAD is ready to move forward.

ATM Products & Services 
Management of Static Data 
GroupEAD offers the option of uploading and maintaining a client’s Static Database and/or Published AIP Database. The process consists of an Initial Data Load, Data Validation and Quality Reviews. 

NOTAM Service 
GroupEAD offers all NOTAM services according to the current standards as a NOTAM Processing Unit (NPU). We can offer our services on two levels: as a support or as a complete take-over in the preparation and/or origination of quality assured NOTAM. 

AIP and Charting Production 
AIP services offered by GroupEAD include Initial production of a digital AIP (eAIP) and AIP Charts production according to ICAO documents. AIP and Charting Production are based on static database that is handed over to a Customer as an integral part of our Product.

AIM Consultancy 
GroupEAD is able to provide general expert consultancy services for any AIM domain. We 
offer tailor-made solutions based on individual customer needs, which includes development of your own centralised AIS Database, planning and realisation of new or enhanced AIM Unit, implementation of QMS. 

GroupEAD offers different training courses (basic and advanced) covering a wide range of services in the field of AIM. We have provided more than 400 Training courses in the previous years including tailor-made programmes according to the client’s needs and ab initio training.

Member Information

Membership Type: Associate Silver Member

Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Christian Schmidt

Country: Spain

Telephone number: +34 (91) 678 5380

Fax number: +34 (91) 678 5386


Head office:

Avda. Castilla, 2 – Francia – A – 2, Parque Empresarial San Fernando, 28830 San Fernando de Henares, Madrid