China Aviation Navigation Data Co., Ltd (NAVCHINA)


Organisation overview

China Aviation Navigation Data Co., Ltd (NAVCHINA) is a high-tech enterprise belong to the China Aviation Supplies Holding Company, is mainly engaged in China’s civil aviation aeronautical information services, including software development of related systems and civil aviation data value-added services.

  • ATM Solutions: Aeronautical Information Management System/ NOTAM Visualization System/ NavGlobe
  • Flight Operation Solutions: Aeronautical Information & Performance System/ Digital Flight Operation Control System/ Aircraft Performance Management Platform / Navigation Database Management Tool/ Operation Environment Monitoring Platform
  • Pilot Solutions: EFB/Flight Preparation System
  • Data Service: Global AIP Service/Airline AIS Service/RAIM Prediction Service/Airport Mobile Map

Member Information

Membership Type: Associate Silver Member

General Manager: Mr. Wang Linjun

Country: China

Telephone number: +86 (010) 8766 3515

Fax number: +86 (010) 6269 8986


Head office:

301, 3/F, Building 1, Yard 3, Xixing Road,
Shunyi District, Beijing,