Airways New Zealand


Organisation Overview

Airways is a world-leading ANSP, providing air traffic control and air navigation services in New Zealand, and delivering air navigation and air traffic management  consultancy and training services in over 65 countries.

Airways is experienced in implementing best practice solutions – providing superior value, attention to detail and quality outcomes for customers.

  • Achieve lower training costs and higher trainee success rates with Airways Total Control simulators
  • Timely and high quality delivery of aeronautical information and Performance Based Navigation procedures for safety and efficiency in difficult terrain with GroupEAD Asia Pacific
  • Airways Training provides experienced instructors, cutting-edge technologies and internationally recognized training programmes
  • Remove recruitment uncertainty – choose the best candidates every time with SureSelect
  • Airways’ flow management tools and collaborative flow manager (CFM) improve on-time performance, decrease fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions

No. of Towers operated:  19 
ACCs:  1No. of Employees:  761
Total number of ATCOs:  370
Total number of operational ATCOs:  343

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Member Information

Membership Type: Full Member

Chief Executive Officer: Mr Graeme Sumner

Country: New Zealand

Telephone number: +64 (4) 471 1888

Fax number: +64 (4) 471 0395


Head office:

Level 26, Majestic Centre, 100 Willis Street, Wellington 6011


Asia Pacific