Malaysia and the Republic of North Macedonia choose Leonardo for their new advanced air traffic systems


At the World Air Traffic Management Congress (WAC) 2019 (Madrid, 12 – 14 March), Leonardo announced it will provide air traffic control systems in Malaysia and the Republic of North Macedonia. In Malaysia Leonardo will deliver upgrades to the military component of the air traffic control (ATC) centre in Kuala Lumpur that will be integrated with the new civilian ATC centre, which Leonardo is supplying under a contract signed in 2016.

The upgrade includes the installation of five control positions, which make use of an innovative virtual architecture providing high resilience, with a seamless service even in the event of failure. This is essential for air traffic safety and will also deliver significant energy savings, making the whole system more environmental friendly and sustainable. Leonardo will also provide associated training and will integrate communications and military radars with the new system.

In the Republic of North Macedonia, Leonardo has won a tender to provide an air traffic control system for the M-NAV, Air Navigation Service Provider of the Republic of North Macedonia. This will see Leonardo’s LeadInSky installed at Skopje international airport. LeadInSky is compliant with the Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) programme and Eurocontrol requirements; it will allow the Country to meet its obligations under the Single European Sky framework. The system acquires and integrates information from multiple sources, from radar to satellites, to deliver complete situational awareness to tower controllers and operators in control centres. Multi-level Fall-Back and disaster recovery features provide added resilience. LeadInsky is modular, allowing for the progressive integration of new solutions as they are developed at the European level through the SESAR programme, and scalable, to maintain the highest levels of performance as air traffic levels continue to grow.

Leonardo’s Air traffic control systems worldwide

Leonardo is a worldwide leading supplier of advanced air traffic control systems. As an example, in Italy, Leonardo will develop a platform for drones air traffic management together with ENAV, the Italian Air service provider for which the company is also developing and implementing a new generation air traffic control system, under the 4-flight contract. Worldwide Leonardo has designed, manufactured and installed more than 300 air traffic management and control centres, as well as supplied more than 80 simulators, delivering advanced air traffic control training. More than 700 primary or secondary surveillance radars (including Mode S) have been sold, as have more than 2000 operator stations and 1000 navigation systems. Helping manage the effect of weather on flights, Leonardo has delivered about 400 weather radars in over 80 countries and more than 40 automated weather observation systems. Third generation radio stations provided by the company offer customers a multimode communications capability that can transmit both voice and data simultaneously. Leonardo communications systems are present at over 600 airports around the world.

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