Infina launches four new micro-learning courses in partnership with CANSO


The ANSP Learning Portal (ALP) the online training library for air traffic controllers, managers and supervisors, launched by Infina in partnership with CANSO, has just released four new Refresher Training courses. 

These ICAO refresher training topics cover the roles of air traffic controllers in dealing with Microbursts, Thunderstorms, Bird Activity, and Volcanic Ash and give personnel the necessary knowledge for assisting pilots when navigating these potential hazards.

Click on each image below for a short video introducing each course.

The Microburst and Thunderstorm courses are part of a new category in the ALP – Weather Series, while the Bird Activity and Volcanic Ash courses form part of the growing Emergencies Series.

Other categories of courses are available in the Human Factors Series with new courses soon to be released in the Runway Safety Series next. is designed for the adult learner and courses are based on operational safety data, ICAO guidelines, and recommendations from subject matter experts who have decades of air traffic control experience in both the busiest and most remote air traffic control sectors in the world. The topics are salient to safety and provide best practices to keep your ATC staff focused and motivated to guide each aircraft safely home.

“Responses to the launch of our ANSP Learning Portal, and our partnership with CANSO, have been very positive,” says Sue Meeks, President, Infina “The most common statement we hear during our demonstrations with ANSPs is that the courseware quality is very high and talent managers and training staff are impressed.  From this type of feedback, we know we are on target and exceeding the expectations of local training departments.

“Subscription to the ANSP Learning Portal is an important and cost-effective way for air traffic controllers to get high-quality learning modules that specifically address ATC topics and safety requirements for air traffic controllers and managers. ANSP Learning is designed, created, and updated with ANSP staff in mind.”

For further information contact for a demonstration and details of subscription fees.