Indra’s technology provides Lisbon Airport with greater integration with EUROCONTROL, key to improving air traffic in Europe


Indra, a leading global technological engineering company for the aerospace, defence and mobility sectors, has developed a pioneering project for Lisbon Airport, run by ANA (VINCI Airports), which will provide the Portuguese airport with an unprecedented degree of integration with EUROCONTROL by incorporating the Airport Operations Plan (AOP) into the European air navigation Network Operations Plan (NOP).

Indra’s solution will facilitate greater flight visibility and predictability, providing the airport and all of its stakeholders with the very best framework for action based on common situational awareness and the early detection of schedule deviations, thus minimizing potential delays, costs and associated emissions.

This will be possible because, for the first time, Indra’s AOP system implemented at Lisbon airport will exchange information on flight arrivals with the Network Manager Operations Center of the European air navigation network manager and anticipate the sending of information on departures as soon as the airlines issue their flight plans, which may occur about 20 hours before departure, compared with the three hours in advance with which the most advanced airports (CDM-Collaborative Decision Making) provide this information.