Indra will contribute to the safety of landings at the southernmost airport in the world


Indra will equip eight Argentine airports, including Ushuaia Airport, the southernmost city on the planet, with new instrument landing systems (ILS) that will increase operational safety in low visibility conditions. After winning this contract, the company now has a total of 29 ILS systems installed in airports throughout the country.

ILS systems help aircraft to determine the glide slope to the head of the runway with total accuracy, helping to land in bad weather conditions.

Its implementation will significantly improve the capacity of airports, such as Ushuaia Airport, to provide a better service, especially in winter, when snowfall can hinder operations and even force the closure of facilities.

In addition, Cordoba Airport, one of the most important airports in the country, will have a maximum level ILS (CAT III), which will allow it to operate with virtually zero visibility.

The rest of the airports will be equipped with ILS CAT II systems. Specifically, the airports to be equipped will be: Tucumán, located to the north of the country; Bariloche, located in the Andean region to the south; Mar del Plata, on the Atlantic coast of the province of Buenos Aires; and Resistencia, Corrientes and Posadas, in the Mesopotámica region, at the north-eastern tip of Argentina.

The Company will work closely with EANA to perform a series of initial factory tests before addressing the installation and commissioning of the systems.

The contract includes a warranty on all the supply and corrective and preventive maintenance in all the facilities for two years.

Indra won this contract after a public international tender process in which Indra competed with some of the leading suppliers of this type of solutions. Indra is the leading provider of ILS systems worldwide.

The most advanced air traffic control

Indra has worked in recent years with EANA in the modernization of the entire network of air traffic control centers in Argentina, modernizing the systems used in the international airports of Mendoza, Resistencia, Comodoro Rivadavia, Ezeiza and Cordoba. Currently, 100% of air traffic in Argentina is controlled with Indra systems in some flight phase.

It has also set up the Center for Instruction, Improvement and Experimentation (CIPE), on Ezeiza, two simulators for the training of a large proportion of the air traffic controllers who provide services in the country.

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