Indra Air Solutions – the comprehensive response to increased air traffic worldwide


With the launch of Indra Air Solutions, Indra becomes the only company in the world capable of providing a comprehensive response—with its own state-of-the-art technology—to the challenges presented by the sustained increase of air traffic around the globe.

It has brought together the necessary technology and know-how in a grouping of solutions structured to help each navigation service provider construct a sky fully adapted to their operational needs. Indra Air Automation, Air Communication, Air Navigation, Air Surveillance, Air Information and Air Drones are the lines that make up this package.

The aim is to provide the support clients require to handle more traffic, with greater levels of safety, efficiency and profitability, contributing to a drastic reduction of CO2 emissions and noise pollution.

Attaining such capabilities is the key to being able to maintain their competitiveness and sustainability. Indra makes this challenge its own, and orients its entire product line to meet it.

This commitment is what makes it a strategic partner for each navigation service provider to help them design a custom road map with which to progress towards the complete modernization and digitalization of its airspace.

Every time an aircraft turns on its engine in some part of the world, the navigation service provider starts to operate an extensive and powerful technology network that is ever more intelligent.

Control centers and towers organize traffic and monitor the flight throughout its route, detecting conflicts and exchanging data with control centers in other countries and the pilots, all in real time without margin for error.

Air surveillance radar and systems, navigation systems, digital communications, datalinks and aeronautic data systems play a critical role in flight safety. Each piece must fit together perfectly for the information to flow.

Indra does away all this complexity by delivering the client a simple and effective solution. It is the only company with the latest generation of systems to cover each phase of the flight. This allows it to ensure the full and seamless integration of these systems.

This flawless interoperability translates into an accurate and seamless view of what is happening in the air, making it capable of handling more flights, reacting to unforeseen events and avoiding delays.

The intelligence of its systems makes planning easy and eliminates problems before they occur. Indra combines the in-depth knowledge of each system with the understanding of the client’s needs and business.

Thus it delivers to each provider the sky it needs to connect people and places, ensuring that it all works with complete accuracy and safety.

World leader

Indra Air Solutions represents the latest move by Indra within the air traffic market, with the aim of strengthening its solid leadership in the world. Currently, more than 160 countries use its equipment.

The company is one of the largest partners in SESAR, one of the world’s most ambitious air traffic RDI initiatives and a technological cornerstone in the construction of the Single European Sky.

It is working with the leading air navigation service providers in Europe in the development of the next generation of automated systems, as it has successfully deployed these in some of the most important control centers. The success it has attained proves Indra’s understanding and degree of collaboration with its clients, and its ability create airspaces jointly

It is also supporting countries around the world which have implemented complete modernization projects in their airspace, accompanying them in their possible conversion to regional hubs, attracting the most important airlines and increasing their revenue.

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